as of July 12, 2024


Wildfire Reduction Strategy


The Fire Smart program divides the area around a home into three priority zones, similar to advice from the U.S. Fire Administration:

Priority Zone 1 (0-10m from the house):

This is the most critical area. This zone should be free of all materials that could easily ignite from a wildfire.

Trees should be thinned and pruned, and any shrubs in this area should be low flammability species.

Regularly clean roofs and gutters of dead leaves and pine needles.

Priority Zone 2 (10-30m from the house):

In this zone, you'd want to reduce materials that might help a fire spread towards your home.

Trees should be spaced at least 3 meters apart and shorter plants should be situated under trees to prevent a vertical "fire ladder."

Priority Zone 3 (30-100m from the house):

While this is the farthest zone from the house, it's still essential to manage it to reduce wildfire threats.

While you don't need to clear out all vegetation in this zone, removing the densest areas of trees or shrubs can make a significant difference.

Manage this zone to reduce the volume of vegetation and break up continuity. This can be done by spacing trees at least 10-20 feet apart, depending on the slope and size of the trees.

Trim trees regularly to keep branches a minimum of 6 to 10 feet from the ground. Remove dead plants, leaves, and vegetation.

Building Construction

Property owners are encouraged to use fire retardant cladding and roofing on structures close to any forest perimeter.

$1000 Reward - Missing RM Signs


The RM of Meadow Lake offers a $1000.00 reward to anyone who provides information resulting in the conviction of persons who have removed or damaged RM Road signs.

Reward Poster

Tax Exemption

Do you own or lease land in an adjoining Municipality? The RM of Spiritwood No.496, RM of Medstead No.497, RM of Parkdale No.498, RM of Mervin No.499, RM of Big River No.555, RM of Loon Lake No.561, RM of Beaver River No.622.

If so, you are eligible to receive a Municipal Tax Exemption on your Permanent Residential Dwelling as per Section 293 of The Municipalities Act.

You must fill out the prescribed form called the Land Owned or under Lease Agreement in Adjoining Municipalities. The form must be completed with the other RM Administrator's Authorization Signature.

You must return the form to to the RM of Meadow Lake's Office on or before January 31st ANNUALLY to be eligible for the exemption.

The form can be picked up at the RM Office or you may download a copy.


GPS Coordinates

RM residents should have their GPS coordinates readily available for emergency purposes. 

Burn Permits

Remember to pick up a 2023/24 Burn Permit at the RM Office


Want to donate towards the new Multi Plex?

If you would like to contribute towards the construction of the new Multi Plex, please call the RM of Meadow Lake Office or the City of Meadow Lake in order to receive a donation receipt.