Taxes and Assessments

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Assessment Notices

The annual assessment notices are mailed to all RM of Meadow Lake property owners typically during the month of April. The Assessment Notice is the official notice of the assessed value of your property as determined by Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA). SAMA makes every effort to ensure property assessments are done fairly and accurately. However, if you feel that an error has occurred, The R.M. can help you review your assessment. If you disagree with the property value established by SAMA, there is a formal appeal process available to you.

How Do I Know If the Assessed Value of My Property is Correct?

Perhaps the best way to check your assessment is to compare it with homes or properties that you feel are similar to your property. Where possible the Municipality will make available comparative information used to arrive at the assessed value of the property - as long as this information is not considered private or confidential in nature.

What Can I Do if I have Concerns About My Property Assessment?

Your first step should be to find out how your property was assessed.

You can contact SAMA directly in North Battleford at 1-800-824-2570.

If I Still Have Concerns, Can I Appeal My Assessment?

Yes. You may appeal to the District Board of Revision which is a body established by a number of Municipalities in the region and operates at arm's length to hear appeals on property assessments.

What is the Appeal Process?

An appellant is required to provide significant detail in a Notice of Appeal.

Be sure to state specifically where you think the error is and the nature of the error. The details required include all grounds on which the appeal is based, including:

  • description of the valuation or classification allegedly in error;
  • specific grounds on which it is alleged that an error exists; and
  • summary of the material facts supporting the appeal.
  • The secretary of the Board of Revision is required to place on the Board list only those notices of appeal which include the above information. An appeal of property taxes cannot be placed on the list. Also, a fee of $100.00 per property appealed, payable to the RM of Meadow Lake No. 588, must accompany the appeal. The fee will be refunded if the appellant is successful in their appeal and a change in the assessment value occurs.

The Board of Revision is only concerned with whether or not the value of your property was assessed correctly. Your property assessment is made up of either a land assessment or a land assessment plus a building assessment (Impr). One or both of these assessments may be appealed.

When Are Appeals Heard?

If you submit an appeal, you will be notified in writing of the time and place of your appeal hearing. At that time, you will have an opportunity to restate your concerns to the Board of Revision.

What Will Happen if I Do Not Appear at the Board of Revision Hearing?

If you do not appear at the hearing, the Board of Revision will make a decision based upon the information they have available to them. If you do not attend the appeal hearing, you will not be able to appeal their decision. Written notice of the decision will be provided to you by the Secretary of the Board within 14 days after a decision has been reached.

Can I Appeal the Decision of the Board of Revision?

Yes. Either party may appeal. You may only appeal if you attended the hearing. You are entitled to make an appeal to the Provincial Assessment Appeals Committee.

Your Property Assessment:

Property values are updated every four years. The Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) conducts a full revaluation of all properties in the province to co-ordinate with a new base date.

Property Tax Payments:

The deadline for payment of taxes is the last working day of the year.
Payment options include:

By mail (make cheques payable to R.M. of Meadow Lake)
Interac at the R.M. office, #203 Hwy 4 Northwest, Meadow Lake, Sask. 


As an on-line bill payment,

Late payment penalties:

Late payment penalties are added to property taxes that remain unpaid as of January 1st at the rate of 0.75% per month to total 9% per year.

Do You Qualify for Exemption of All or a Portion of the Assessment of Your Residence?

If you occupy a dwelling in the R.M. of Meadow Lake, you may qualify for an exemption to reduce part or all of the taxable assessment of your principal dwelling. (Dwellings located within an organized hamlet are excluded).

The total assessment of any agricultural land ("N" or "A" class) you own or lease that is located in the R.M. of Meadow Lake or adjoining rural municipalities will be applied to reduce your residential improvement assessment. (Leased land can only be used if the registered owner does not use it as an exemption).

The Municipal office has a record of the land owned in your name in the R.M. of Meadow Lake . You are required to advise the Municipality of any leased land and/or land owned in an adjoining rural municipality. You should also advise if land is owned in a spouse's name, in joint ownership, or a company name.