Road Concerns

To fully process a Service Request we need both a Township and a Range road number used in conjuntion. If the issue is occuring on a Range road running North/South we will require the Township located immediatly to the SOUTH of it, and the Road will be written Range-Township such as 3172-605. If the issue occured on a Township road running East/West then we also need the Range located directly to the EAST, and it will be written Township-Range, such as 602-3194. This allows us to know which section of the entire Township or Range the problem is on (narrowed down to a mile) as well as knowing which direction the road is running, when it comes to crossroad situations. Flipping the two numbers will result in two separate locations, so if there is a problem on 3184-594 but it is reported as 594-3184 then the crew will be sent to the wrong location. IT IS VITAL TO GET THE LOCATION CORRECT. 

To file a road complaint you can call the RM office at 306-236-5651 or fill in a Concern/Complaint form and bring it to the office. You can also get in touch with the councilor of your division. We will then process the concern and send the info down to the shop to be dealt with further. DO NOT complain directly to the shop or road workers as the service requests must be processed by the main office first.